A lot of people think that cleaning is a simple job of cleaning where you only need to wipe things to make them fresh. Yes, partly it is the true statement, however, there is a proper order in which you need to clean. And it is especially important for bathroom cleaning. Also, you need to place your bathroom items correctly – from the combs for hair, to the toothbrushes.

The easiest way to organize things is to separate them by use. The best way to pack your dopp kit that contains all the hygiene items is to store it under the sink if you have space. This is all part of the bathroom cleaning and organizing so we will try to keep things simple while explaining how to do clean properly and organize everything.

Clean the toilet first

First of all, you should know that the toilet must be cleaned once per week. Not because you make a mess in it, but because the bacteria grow fast. You can use chemical detergents specially designed for the toilet cleaning of course, or you can start with the DIY solution.


Shining bathroom after cleaning

For a start, throw some baking soda inside the toilet, around it, and pour a single cup of white vinegar inside. Let it sit for an hour-two, repeat the process and then use a brush to scrub all around the inside. The chemical reaction between baking soda and white vinegar will remove all the bacteria and the unpleasant smell. Also, do not forget to wipe the outside part of the toilet as it is the place where bacteria simply like to grow.

Move on to the shower and counters

The next step is to clean all the counters. The reason why you clean the toilet first is that you kill the worst bacteria in the beginning, preventing any spreading of these. Choose any chemicals from the store that you can find, but only those that are designed for counter cleaning.

Again, you can use a natural solution that you make out of white vinegar and water. Alternatively, you can also add a baking soda to enhance the cleaning abilities.

This solution can be used both for counters and the shower, as it kills all bacteria effectively. You can also buy some powders that are made for the counter cleaning, but the mentioned solution will just be fine if you cannot afford these.

Mirrors come the last

Woman cleaning bathroom

Shining bathroom is ready for use

When you clean all the parts of your bathroom, the last thing is to clean the mirror. Buy any window cleaner for this purpose or use vinegar and water if you prefer the natural solution. Also, make sure you use microfiber cloths to ensure that you do not scratch the mirror. Also, you will need the additional cloth (must be dry) to polish the mirror in the end. Make sure you spray the mirror properly and all the parts so you could clean all the parts of the mirror. In the end, just polish it and viola!