The bathroom is one of the rooms where we must keep clean all the time, as we use it to maintain our hygiene and health. Every morning we go to it first and then to the kitchen and rest of the house. If you want to change a washbasin, Alape Washbasins is the great choice for you! This will refresh your bathroom and give it a refreshment! At the same time, you can add some other items to make it more personalized and fun!

A wallpaper


Small bathroom ideas

A cool and patterned wallpaper can decorate your bathroom and make it very unique. Though you should choose the one that corresponds to the paint of it, you can add a bit of “opposite” color to make the contrast in the bathroom. Still, choose the one that adds a bit complexity to the overall design, as you want to ensure fun and cool design.

Add plants

Plants are the inevitable part of every house and it is a good idea to keep several in the bathroom. These purify the air and give the aromatic smell that will kill the monotony and will refresh the air.

At the same time, your level of humidity will arise and the air will not be “dry” so you will feel better. This way you kill two birds with one stone!

Use portable closets

Portable closest are the perfect option if you need a temporary solution for your wardrobe. These are cool as you can move them all-around your house until you find a cool place to leave them there. Once you put these in the bathroom, you will understand how cool is to have a portable closet in bathroom. Store all your clothes or towels inside and give more space to your bathroom.

Vintage decorations

Color scheme bathroom

New color idea for your bathroom

Though people who do not like the vintage style will not love this tip, this can transform your bathroom into a cool place. Flowers, trees or any botanical decoration that is made in the vintage style will give your bathroom a chic look that is fresh and interesting. Also, the bathroom will not look that simple as you will have these decorations on your walls.

Knitted organizers

Yes, this is a very cool way to enhance the look of your bathroom. At the same time, you organize your space and clear it so you could have more room to manipulate and move around.

These not only save you space, but also give a unique look and personal approach to the things. Just make sure you do not get them wet!

A unique rug

Yes, the bathroom is not a bathroom without a good rug! You do not want to stand on tiles without any rug! Also, you can add the additional ones – one in front of your bath, one in front of the toilet and one in the middle of the room. Just make sure you buy those that match your color and overall design of the bathroom!