The windows are souls of your house and it is never a bad decision to replace your old windows with the new ones. Still, as this is a huge investment that will bring a lot of new features like roman shades custom coverings, you should approach this work carefully, with the proper planning. Before you buy new ones, you should consider several things that are crucial when it comes to this home improvement.

For this reason, this article is crafted to help you with the essential preparation so you could get the best value for the money you are paying.

Think of the material

The first thing is to consider the material of the windows. Back in the days, there were only wood ones. Today, we have aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass versions that offer some of the advantages. If you want the classic look, the wood windows are exactly what you are looking for. Just do consider that these require regular maintenance so these could offer the proper protection.

Installing Window

Man Installing New Window

The aluminum material offers more durability than wood and does not require that much maintenance. However, the price may be drastically higher. The vinyl ones come in many different colors, which is the main advantage as well as the good insulation attributes. But they cannot like as nice as the wood. Finally, the vinyl is the best alternative to wood, but do expect the price to be high.

Single pane or double pane?

The glass is equally important as the material of the windows is. The single-pane is a great solution for a warmer climate and these are the cheapest ones. Some of these may come with a “low-E” mark, which means that the glass contains argon or another type of inert gas that boosts the insulation.

However, if you live in an environment where the temperature can drop significantly, you may want to go with the double pane. The double-pane offers more insulation at the higher price and generally better quality. In the harsh climate, you will want to use a triple pane that contains either argon or krypton gases, which are perfect for the insulation. This type of window can keep up to 5% of the temperature, but the price is at least 15% expensive than the single pane. Also, if you live near the noisy street, the double/triple pane will offer you great sound insulation.

Casement, double-hung, bay or sliding windows?

Replacing Windows

Man Replacing Window

The casement windows are perfect if you want to achieve the contemporary design and when you want to have a wide and free view on the outside. Double-hung models use a spring that replaces the traditional pull-and-twist knobs and the best room to place these is in the kitchen. Bay windows found their use mostly in the cases when you want to increase the space that you have. The dining room is the perfect place for these. Lastly, the sliding windows offer the least maintenance but these do not give you enough fresh air when you open them. Therefore, you can find a different type of window for each room to achieve the best results.