You being here, mean that you are interested in the best carpet cleaning San Antonio. Our company has one of the best ratings in this city which means that we stand at the top of the market when it comes to carpet cleaning business. If you know anything about this industry, then you know how important this is for our clients and us.

Proper carpet cleaning requires dedication, knowledge and cleaning products. Not every company in this market is willing to invest in all three of those things. This results in sub-par services that leave the client unsatisfied. That is bad for the business because no sane individual would pay you to do a sub-par work twice. Using strong chemicals is also bad for business because it causes allergies and it can even poison pets.

Why we are the best carpet cleaning in San Antonio

The list of the services we offer and features we have put us at the top of the business in San Antonio. Many other companies are out there trying to climb to the top by using chemicals that will save them a lot of money and time. But, we didn’t reach the top and stayed there by finding shortcuts in those kinds of things.


First of all, the use of chemicals in carpet cleaning is a common thing, as they are one of the best weapons against bacteria. But the type of chemicals a company uses is an important thing as there are some pretty potent and dangerous chemicals out there. Using a lot of those things isn’t banned by the law even though they may cause allergies, rash, and many more things. Using chemicals that don’t cause these things prolongs the cleaning period, which is a tradeoff we are willing to accept.

Steam and dry cleaning – Difference and which is one is better

Many new companies talk about steam cleaning as a chemical-free way to get your carpet clean. They try to attract people by promoting this over dry cleaning. It’s true that dry cleaning is based on chemicals, but the steam alternative isn’t as chemical-free as they try to advertise it. It all comes down to what type of chemicals one company is using. Both of these cleaning types can be harmful if they include toxins.

Our company focuses on steam cleaning because it is a more environmentally friendly than dry cleaning. However, we can do both because we use allergy-free chemicals in both cleaning processes. It comes down to what you need. If you want us to do the job fast, then the dry option is what we will use because it is much faster than using steam.

On the other hand, if you want more permanent and detailed work, and you don’t care about the time-frame then steam cleaning is the option you will want to choose. It uses fewer chemicals, but it is better at deep cleaning. We always recommend this option because it is better for the whole industry as well as the environment.