Trimming trees is a multi-approach matter and everyone has their own opinion and technique about this. Thanks to our acquaintances in the tree service in Sandy Springs GA company, we managed to get some details about the tree care and pruning. They gave us permission to present some facts they think are competent and right, so we pass this on here. We will cover the basics of tree pruning so you could know how to approach it the very next time.

What is pruning and why is it important?

Cutting With New Tool

Loading Tree After Cutting On Truck

It is multi-beneficial care that renders in giving the trees more branches and healthier growth. Besides, it reduces the possibility of obstructions for people and vehicles, but also provides a safer environment. It promotes the health, sturdier branches and reduces the risk of cracking of the branches that might fall off and inflict more damage to the properties. If done properly, it can help the trees to cope with pests and infestation, so that is why we said it was the multi-beneficial tree care that brings a lot of good things. You must know some basic guidelines to do it right.

When should you trim?

Though this depends on the plant/tree, pruning is the best to do during the winter when there are no buds. In this way, you remove the old branches, helps it to fight off the pests but also promote the growth and stimulate the bud development, which is the ultimate goal.

When you do this in winter, you prepare it for the spring, which means that the canopy will get more light and achieve better growth. After each severe storm, you should inspect the tree to look for any dead branches or broken ones, which only take energy but cannot provide anything good.

How to prune?

Even though it may seem like an easy job, this is far from easy in any case. Now, the approach depends on your skills and experience. A lot of people think that starting a chainsaw and sawing off using a wide-eyed grin is the best way, while other people that a slow approach and a deliberate removal with handheld tools is the better way. Basically, both of these are right, as long as you cut down only the dead, diseased and poorly positioned branches. The goal is to make the canopy wider so every piece of the branch could get a light.

Wood After Cutting

Cutting Wood On Two Pieces

Before you make a cut, make sure that it is on the underside of the branch as this prevents the bark to tear apart later on. When you cut it off, make sure you make a cut under the branch, some 15 inches away from the trunk. The cut should not be deeper than one third of the branch The second cut should be also from the underside but a few inches away in the top direction of the first cut. The last cut should be close to the trunk.