Imagination plays a significant role when it comes to decorating your home. If you go beyond your expectations, then you can end up in a financial mess. Besides, you probably have accumulated enough stuff over the years to mix and match accessories.


Keep in mind that visual mess is your number one enemy. It is stressful and distracting. So, step one should be cleaning all the surfaces as possible and then use our no-cost tips to dress in every room.

Use stull as a table

Many people use big coffee tables in their living rooms. But, if you are dealing with limited space, then you should repurpose a seat into a handy stand. It is perfect for pulling up alongside a sofa. You should remember that less is more. Clear the rest of your room to be essential and place quirky chairs to stand out.

Change your dining set

Matching dining set can look outdated and boring. In this case, you can trade a couple of seat from the kitchen with ones in the dining room. You can place them at the head of the table, so the effect looks international and various.

Experiment with open shelves

If you space in the kitchen, then open shelve system can look stunning. Pull out all your beautiful pitchers or colorful plates and arrange for them to be admired. This will give your kitchen a charming appeal and even provide a traditional look.

Rearrange the whole room

You can play around with the furniture and try to replace the sofa, rotate a rug, or you can divide the room with an open-backed bookcase. Pay attention to light. Every room requires a natural source of light to look spacious and airy.

Use plants

There is no better way to make you home alive then to incorporate plants and flowers into your house. Depending on your space, you can place the pots with small or large plants. They will add more color to your home and make it feel stunning again.

On the other hand, you can always add a vase of fresh flowers on your dining table.